IBS GmbH facts

Blücherstraße 17a, 76185 Karlsruhe

Legal form: GmbH
Foundation: 1961

Management of the company
M.Sc. Julia Heidemann (Finances & HR)
Mischa Saisila (Strategy & Technology)

Fields of activity

• Car body construction Systems
• Assembly Equipment
• Special machines
• Testing facilities
• Automation Technology


Average age
0 %
Proportion of female staff
0 qm
Office area in Karlsruhe

The team

Our team consists of trainees, students, specialists and Managers. Together we are facing  the challenges brought on by different  projects and the demands we have placed on ourselves.

Our office

Entrance and reception area

Meeting rooms

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Since 1961 we have been delivering the highest quality with regards to various projects as a well-coordinated team. Today we plan, design and simulate complex automation systems in the fields of automotive and special machine construction.

This also includes offline programming of  industrial robots and on-site commissioning at the customer's premises.


IBS was founded in 1961 as a sole proprietorship by Willi Schnürer. In  the beginning, the company consisted of 2 employees, Mr Willi Schnürer and a technical draftswoman. The tasks included the construction of bending, punching and progressive tools.

In that same year, John F. Kennedy was sworn in as President of the United States and Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space aboard Vostok 1.


By the 1970s, the company had grown to include 8 employees. In addition to tools, the small team also designed appliances and special machines. In 1979 the son of Willi Schnürer, Dr. Klaus Schnürer, joined the company.


In the ’80s the company expanded to include 20 employees. In 1987 the company started to use the CAD system Catia. Construction welding, pressure welding tools and body inspection gauges were designed.


The beginning of the 1990s marked the launch of machine design (baggage compartment floor units). Here, IBS was responsible for tool design and special machine engineering.


In 1993, simulations were started with the program Robcad. With the company growing in the 90s to approx. 45 employees, the focus was on car body construction systems.


Start of the construction of the new office building.

In the same year Gerhard Schröder was elected chancellor, succeeding Helmut Kohl, and the first red-green coalition was formed.


Topping-out ceremony and moving into the new office building. In the same year the number of employees reached 50.


In 2011 the number of employees in the engineering office reached the 100 mark.

IBS Ingenieurbüro Dr. Klaus Schnürer GmbH then became one of Germany's largest offices responsible for car body engineering for the automotive industry. Our customers include well-known manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, AUDI, Porsche, BMW and Daimler.


Opening of an office in Düsseldorf to expand our capacities in simulation and offline programming.

IBS GmbH first appeared on Facebook on 2 April 2012.



One floor was added to the offices to provide sufficient space for the new total of 125 employees.


IBS GmbH had 150 employees in 2014.


Mischa Saisila takes over the technical management of IBS GmbH.


In 2017, the company grew to approximately 170 employees and decided to introduce virtual commissioning (VC) - in the Karlsruhe office.

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