Virtual commissioning

With the aid of virtual commissioning, we want to support our customers in reducing construction site costs and generally optimizing the interaction between mechanical and control engineering. We want to run production-ready PLC software and robot offline programs on the construction site and believe that virtual commissioning is one of several tools that will be able to roll out construction sites, according to the "plug & play principle", in the future: mechanical installation, electrical commissioning, software installation…testing…done. A vision that we want to gradually realize via  the way we work and will continue work in the future. Virtual commissioning plays a central role  to this, as far as we are concerned.

Technically speaking, SPC and robot programs can be programmed and tested in advance with virtual commissioning by virtually mapping the real system. Errors that would be eliminated at great expense on the construction site can be detected and corrected. By connecting the virtual model to the real plant control system (ICS), the complete plant functionality is realized without installing the mechanics, thus increasing its degree of maturity. Virtually commissioned systems can also be used to test the logistics of the system and to train the personnel to operate them.

On a  communication level, virtual commissioning makes it possible to reduce the risk  of misunderstandings between mechanical and control engineers and to interlink the two disciplines more closely.

With virtual commissioning and good coordination, engineering and construction site times can be contained within the necessary limits.

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